Webinars by EISA's Member Institutes


The following calendar shows the schedule of online seminars organized by EISA's Members' Institutes.

More links to online seminars can be found by visiting inspirehep.net/seminars, researchseminars.org (hep-th, hep-ph, gr-qc, hep-lat, math-ph, hep-ex) and the pages of the Physics in the time of Coronavirus, 2020 Virtual Lattice Field Theory Colloquium Series, The Applied Holography Webinars Network, ift Webinars, triangle seminars in London, KCL String Theory Journal Club, CERN theory calendar, QISS Virtual Seminar, Quantum Gravity & Information seminar (GQFI AEI Potsdam) and QFT seminars (GQFI AEI Potsdam). Also, check out recorded talks by PIRSA recorded seminar archive, KITP (youtube), Perimeter Institute, IAS Princeton, Stanford, SITP Stanford.

Some of this info is summarized in the calendar shown below: